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Getting the Offices Cleaned by a Pro

Have your employees been complaining about the state of your offices? Do you feel ashamed that the office building is always slightly dirty or messy? While the cleanliness of a business is not crucial to its success or failure, it can have an impact on employee morale and perceptions, which can impact your bottom line in a major way. If a new employee starts working at your main office, and they notice how the place is so dusty and unkempt, they will not be impressed by your company at all. They will have a negative impression of your business from the very beginning.

Hiring a cleaning crew does not cost a lot of money, especially when you compare it to other business expenses. You do not even have to hire them every day. A simple, weekly cleaning is all most offices need. But the weekly cleaning is most definitely a necessary step. Ideally, you will want to schedule the cleaning on an off-day. Saturdays or Sundays work well for cleaning. Even if there are a few employees in the office, the cleaning staff can usually work around them without a problem. And you most definitely do not want the cleaning staff in action when everyone is at work on a Monday or Tuesday!

Costs vs. Benefits

Whenever a business decision is made, the company must look at the costs vs. benefits of the situation. With respect to hiring a cleaning crew, the costs vs. benefits analysis is a straightforward one. Yes, you are paying money to a cleaning crew to spend a few hours every week cleaning your offices. But what are the benefits? Firstly, your offices will not look like a dump. They are transformed into a healthy, sanitary and aesthetically pleasing environment where workers are happy to spend their days.

Another often overlooked benefit of hiring a cleaning service is the way it shifts perceptions about your company. If you are hosting client meetings during the week, and they can tell that your offices have not been cleaned in a long time, what type of impression do you think it will leave on them? Even if you make a solid business pitch, will they have much faith in your company to execute the pitch? If you cannot even keep your offices clean, how can you deliver for a client? These are the thoughts that will enter their mind.

Running a business in the modern economy is as much about perception as it is about the results you deliver. Businesses must maintain a positive perception among their clients, competitors and employees. And a crucial element to having a positive perception is by keeping the offices as clean as possible. If that means paying a cleaning crew every week, or two times a week if the offices are particularly dirty – it is not such a bad tradeoff!

So, make sure you contact the best cleaning company in your area and talk to them about the cleaning services they offer to commercial clients.

Lily Webber

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