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Looking For House Cleaning Services? Questions You Need To Ask

It’s hard to get in-depth information about most cleaning companies online. As a result, it’s always advisable to interview potential house cleaning companies before you make a final decision. In case you don’t know the kind of questions you should ask, here’s something to get you started.

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Looking for house cleaning services? Questions you need to ask

Question 1: Are you insured?

After searching for potential house cleaning companies, you will end up with a list of the most promising companies based on factors like licensing, scope, expertise among many other factors. At this stage, you can start interviewing each of these companies to be able to identify the best. You should start by asking if the company in question is insured since cleaning services come with a lot of risks. Something can get broken or damaged. Something can also go missing. In case this happens, you need to be covered. This is why insurance is so important. The cleaning company you choose must be insured and have proof of the same.

Question 2: How do you hire employees?

This is another great question that is rarely answered in almost all house cleaning company websites. Most house cleaning companies will say they have the best cleaning staff. You shouldn’t take their word for it. The quality of services you get is highly dependent on the expertise and experience of the cleaning staff so, don’t forget to ask this question. The house cleaning company you choose should be able to prove that they have highly trained, skilled and experienced staff. Background checks help with this. They also eliminate safety risks. Cleaning companies can’t be able to know if they are hiring criminals as staff if they don’t do background checks.

Question 3: Do you have a checklist of the cleaning tasks that will be done?

This question is also important since different cleaning companies usually have a different idea of what basic cleaning services entail. As a result, never assume the kind of cleaning services you will get. Most cleaning companies don’t give enough detail about cleaning tasks, so it’s important to know exactly what you are paying for in advance. Furthermore, all professional house cleaning companies have checklists so asking this question will help you make the best choice.

Question 4: How do you assess the quality of services you deliver?

It’s also good to know how your preferred cleaning company will measure the quality of services they offer. You should focus on companies that offer formal quality assurance programs. The home cleaning company you choose should be able to conduct regular quality checks via mail, online surveys, follow-up phone calls or comment cards among other effective ways of collecting feedback from customers. It would also be great working with a company that has a specific person or department for handling quality assurance issues.

Question 5: How do you price your cleaning services?

Lastly, you need to know how the cleaning service in question sets their rates. Most cleaning companies will either charge you per hour or for the entire project. Some may charge depending on the number of cleaners required to get the job done. The cleaning service you choose should be able to answer this question clearly. This question is important for assessing the affordability of different cleaning services. House cleaning services which offer flat rates are generally preferable because you avoid unwanted costs.

If you are looking for exemplary house cleaning services, the above questions will help you separate the best from the rest. Most cleaning companies don’t disclose a lot on their websites. Asking the above questions will help you get the most important information.


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